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I wanted to practice writing and get inspiration to play and run roleplaying games again. I thought that a good way to do that could be taking the Numenera Corebook and doing one thread for every named location in its setting. I've gone through the Steadfast and a lot of the Beyond so far, I've managed to do this most weekdays, and it's been great fun! Originally, I posted them on Twitter, but I'm compiling them here for safekeeping and easier reading. I hope you enjoy!

The Steadfast


The Westwood

At the place where the wood meets the sea at Ryness Bay, the trees start growing at angles and then horizontally into the water. People talk about strange places seen beneath the waves, but you must know how to walk if you want to find them.

The Golden Sanctum

People are usually busy fighting or dealing with the Convergence to notice, but if someone understood the technique used to build this citadel in the middle of the wood, they could probably make the Ninth World a very different place.


A seeker has uncovered an underground contraption that seems related to the four sonic devices that have been used to protect the city, but a large space inside implies one or more pieces are missing. You now know this secret.


You have gotten lost in the many halls of the Vacant Palace. You were looking for the Bodrovian prince's resting place, but perhaps the map seller lied to you: the supposed burial room was a cupboard. Now the staff hunt for you. You better run.


You've just seen an echo of your own death. Echoes have always, always been of past events. What will you do with this knowledge?


Eder Crandel has been missing from the Spotted Seskii for a fortnight, and his wife Bakele does not remember who he was. She acts normally otherwise.

The Amber Monolith

The Monolith is moving. It first started trembling, and now is moving in a slow circle around the Plain of Brick. The people in the fortress below are wondering what will happen now. Perhaps someone has attuned to the relic.

The Obelisk of the Water God

The walls of the obelisk are crying. At least some of the water drawn in seems to be weeping slowly back outside, and it threatens to drown several villages downstream. Will you do anything?

The Sea Kingdom of Ghan

The City of Bridges

You tried to run from a shipyard disaster, but you were caught. Now you're tied, rowing on a ship leaving for the west. King Laird does not trust you, but you will do. You will serve.


You've discovered something crucial about the buried Numenera that is the lifeblood of this town. But people don't believe you. What will you do?

The Scarred Monoliths

You're hanging from the lips of one of the floating statues. This has not been your day. You managed to float up, but that cypher gave out at the last moment.


You are deeply, deeply in love with one of the lumberjacks, and agreed to help them gather wood. Now you're in the middle of a fight with Navarene soldiers.


The people from Deverlaush have come to Jaston this day for the market, but... There's nobody. Absolutely nobody. Everyone is gone.


You stole the ledgerbook of the Carimi shipyards. Why would you do that. Why. Just... It's... Nevermind. Better be able to sell it fast, and get away soon. They don't forget. They have silk hounds.

The Merchant Fleet

You had been commissioned to find a definitive (or at least long lasting) solution to the pirate threat. Instead, you've noticed that a new threat might be coming from below. Gigantic tracks at the bottom of the sea.



You are a Zhev mechanic, and you've just read a very dark message embedded in the data interface of one of these beasts. Looks like a backdoor with a trigger. Should you tell your boss about it?

Castle Sarrat

Naranial Horges is angry. They want to His eyepatch glitters as he screams at you: you were supposed to teach his daughter swordsmanship, but she's dead set against it. She has other powers, this she confided to you, but he doesn't know.

The Fourth Mark

You just know you can open the hatch that leads into the head of the hammer: you found an ancient across the sea with an artifact the exact same shape of the tower that still stands over Eldan Firth.


The Flayed Lord has told you to go forth into the city and bring hope and health to its citizens. Will you, though? Will you walk through the Arch of Illness, day after day?


You have just killed the Aulifex. It was all a mistake, really. You were just passing. Now, the employer you definitely don't have wants the treasures of the tower. Problem is, you don't understand them. You'd need a person who's lived here.

Castle Aventur

You've just done it. Your project to extract iotum from stone and moss seems to have succeeded. Now your colleagues have stolen your results. How will you prove you deserve the prize?


Thaemor is a small kingdom, and much of its charm comes from king Holiva, who asks his hand for counsel. Yes, things go about as well as they can, all things considered. As long as the Shadow Herd doesn't return, it's all fine.


A needle has fallen pointing right at the Precipice, and the impact has uncovered a deep hole below. How the tower has not fallen yet is a very interesting question. What's below is another. The hole emits a loud borborygm, and an ancient smell.


The Hand of Melch told king Holiva to recover the Eyren, ad maiorem Thaemori gloriam. Of course, he's not the one that will have to enter the floating death trap, no. It's you. You have a synth suit to avoid contagion, and 48 hours.


King Yorvic is a wee lad of three. His cousin Ellabon is the regent, and her hand is... insufficient. You could say Malevich is at peace, and you'd be technically right. Only that. They have a Bandit King, Polele. Describing this as "peace" is a stretch.


This great city stands on the cliff of the Void Chasm, and some of it extends down the northern side. Lately, some houses down there have either crumbled to drit or just disappeared with everything in them. Maybe you can find out why.


The castle is closed. Just when the population of at least five villages seeks refuge from a coordinated attack from the Bandit King and roving abhuman bands, the castle is closed. Duke Theomal will not say why, but he won't open the gates.


The city threatens to collapse for good, and Counselor Rashik needs good people to hold fast and help rebuild the community, create new ties and bonds of citizenship and friendship. This is the job of born leaders, of great Arkai. Your job.


The Wall of Erenyn has just shown a terrible secret: the way to defeat Lady Vount and loot Castle Dval. Will you dare face the Despoiler, and risk being turned into a monstrous river slave?


Ever since you got into the city, people have looked at you strangely. Now they're outright accusing you of being an ultraterrestrial spy from New Yenth. How will you clear your name? Will you enter the portal to find evidence of your innocence?


Iscobal is going through a nice, old-fashioned, low-key civil war. Amidst this, the commoners try to live off the land and the waters of the great river Wyr. King Noren tiKalloban was maimed by the Sarromere clan, and his family seeks vengeance.


How did a Callerail get to the Grand Theater? That's a good question. Will the prince live after that mauling? That's a better question. How do you escape an angry callerail (they're all angry) in the Grand Theater? That's the best question.


You were supposed to pick up a cargo of very expensive Dynafel cloth and deliver to Vitri House. This Yellow cloud around the city that hasn't let down for five days straight thinks otherwise.


You've finally arrived. You're finally going to ask what do your dreams mean, and get an answer. Shame people don't really like agents of the Order of Truth. You do wonder how they knew. Maybe Priestess Jallacor can tell you something.


You absolutely need to use the floating structure above the city to travel across the great Sea. How will you "convince" ruler Terrhvyss and keeper Baurn to give it to you and let you up?


You've come to the valley ostensibly to get, as so many others, a shard of the Crystal. In actuality, you're working for queen Armalu, and she's sent you to study Phiraster. Question: will Phiraster see through you and fry you like aneen sausage?

The Pytharon Empire

In this peace-loving land that would like nothing more than to stop arming in self-defense against all these other awful neighboring kingdoms, Empress Challadien II and her peace-loving forces promise to restore prosperity and peace to all.


You're on the run, peace-loving forces in hot pursuit. Somehow they didn't appreciate you blowing a great big hole in the walls of the Sunken Palace with your cyphers. Cool as it was, that could be a career-limiting move.

Jargolamis and Luigolamis

The new tunnel between the twins was partially liquefied last night, and Limech is begging you to help find out who did this. There's no shortage of candidates. The mobs in the Umbil, Margo the Wember, Paras Gulosi...

Far Brohn

You've been exiled to the desert of Nihliesh. You will have to clear your name, after you deal with the more pressing issues of the terrible cold and the horde of sathosh that is coming your way. Good luck!

Rathscor Fortress

You are an ascendant star in the Mahal Shards, the best soldiers of Lord Myallatur. You have discovered your legatus has been embezzling money from the troop funds. Will you get to talk before they do and get you killed?


Milave might collapse in internecine squabbles before the might of the Pytharon Empire. Or it might surge forth just in time, pulled by the warlord Tarvesh and his war machines. Time will tell.


You have been sentenced to death by floatstone. You will be carried to the quarry, tied to one of the slabs that people are digging out of the ground, and let fly into the atmosphere to die of exposure. How will you escape?


Aian is a profoundly unjust republic, where people basically swim or sink. The Order of Truth may -or may not- be trying to change this, and their agents may have contacted you, searching for help. Or it might be a plot to betray you.

Ossam's Traveling Menagerie and Soaring Circus

You've grown with the Circus, helping wherever a hand was needed. You were a child to everyone here. Recently, your true power awakened, and now your parents want you dead.


Ancuan! Beautiful land, full of aneen, sathosh, produce, bandit raiders, fish, pirates, chirog, grains...

The Transparent Palace

Your brothers had the amazing idea to assault the palace mounted on rasters. They forgot that the Blue Legion are some of the best archers in the Steadfast. Now you are trying to get them out. Family.


You are committed to uncovering the healing secret of the city. Unfortunately, the Monks of Mitos are committed to finding you and reducing you to pulp to protect their racket.

You've found the ancient machine that started this. You have one day.


An enormous device has come out of the sea next to the town. It's a city on tracks, reeking of dead fish.

How will you get in, and where will you take it?


Yesterday, while you were hard at work with the scythe, you found a Sruu. You interpreted the exhalations of this cloud-like being to mean that they want help, and are trying to get you to follow them to a cave. Will you accompany them?

Pike's Head

A nest of Stratharian war moths has started to build a home inside the Pike's Head. If you manage to expel them, you'd be hailed a hero by your townsfolks. If you don't, the village people will be toast.

Scorpion's Reach

You're under crossfire. A small troop of Oorgolian soldiers found you exploring. A couple mastigophores saw them. And a disassembler is trying to "help". You hear the ping as stone melts around your cover. Interesting times.


Make that Hidden Rarrow. You, unlike most people, are trying to get out of the hidden city and, unlike most times, people don't want to let you. They believe you could close the rift from outside. And they'd be right.

Aras Island

Animalistic genetic manipulation is an odd turn of phrase, an oxymoron if you like, but thinking about language is the last thing you should be doing when Jaekels are about to flay you alive as a sacrifice to their Scorpion god.

The Western Seas

Corare Sea

"The Corare Sea is relatively gentle" is a sentence with a degree of wrongness previously seen in the name "Pacific Ocean". Intelligent predators, part synth, part cetacean are coming for you. You can feel them bump under your boat.

Fengali Forest

This was supposed to be your last job, the one that set you up for life. This can still be true, you only need to have a very short life, ending in... say five minutes? Your pick: the root shark, or the ghost crabs.

Eldan Firth

Without going Into The Deep, we'll just say that you didn't want to anger Pirelaroth, high general of the Octopoidal Queen. Now you're rotting in a cell deep under the ocean, with an octopus guard offering to cut a deal. Will you?

Sea of Secrets

You lost your ship, your supplies, your crew -but for three other fellows-, but you're finally on the City in Ice. Well done. You now get to deal with the Vulun, in their congealed coffins. Gotta think fast.

The Island of the Last Migration

You're a newcomer, and the Gutos don't look at you with a smile, but they have come to reluctantly trust you to reclaim built terrain for the forest. Some of that terrain wants to grow buildings, though.

The Beyond

The Cloudcrystal Skyfields

Crystal shards, on the ground or drifting in the sky, are obviously the main attraction of this place, full of crystals, prophets, jiraskars, sorcerers, travonis ul, oracles, and failed gods who speak through the shards.

The Crowd City

Why would you come to a place that's composed of millions of corpses. Why. Does the word "cursed" mean nothing to you? Do you have a death wish? Oh, you do. OK. Maybe you'll find that impossible blade here, in the tombs.

Scorpion Sanctum

Up to the elbows in chirog blood, you've finally managed to reach the walls of this, the second citadel of the Convergence you know of. The Amber Pope themself has commanded you to find out what's in here. You shan't fail.

Unseen Lake

You've tried to integrate with the abhumans -Coirelis, actually, tyvm- living north of the lake, to learn from them and about them. Their proto-culture is fascinating. How will you help them survive the winter famine?

Deep Vormask

You could convince either the yovoki or the humans to let you pass into the cave. You've just heard that Gaian people are trying to help both groups out of their cold war. Your orders are to exterminate gaians on sight. WDYD?


Rumors of people disappearing have finally become touching: your own brother is gone. You've tracked him as far as the people market. Hopefully he hasn't been sold yet. Hopefully.

The Black Riage

The Black Riage is an andean mountain range, and divides the Steadfast from the lands beyond it. All manner of creatures inhabit it, and make life interesting for each other and for creatures trying to pass. The mountains themselves do not help, either.

Mt. Zanlis

Under the mountain there is a gigantic, or perhaps infinite library. It contains every possible book, well ordered in hexagonal rooms linked by corridors and spiral staircases. The light in the cubicles is eternal, incessant.


We won't say you've been ambushed by Legrashians, because that's not inventive enough.

We'll say you were trying to ambush the people in town, but failed. Now they have you tied and want to do unspeakable things to you.

Empty Sanctum

The third and last of the Convergence headquarters. They told you it was empty! They distinctly said "empty"! The kallithak in the temple is definitely not what you'd call "nobody". Its barbs and blades and flails aren't "nothing".

Mencala Peak

You're up to the eyeballs in lattimor blood, but you've finally reached the volcano's crater. You wanted to study the lava flow from its source. You didn't expect to see this crystalline city floating in the middle of the caldera.

Hidden Naresh

The day before yesterday, you found a hole in your belly. A pale grub was growing inside.

Today they are two.

Titanic Ridge

You shouldn't have accepted that summons from the Convergence to study the ridge's towers, but here you are: fighting papists and trying a very difficult climb, while something, a blue/red light suffusion around you eggs you on.


You dared approach Curtar, and now your people have imposed on you the worst punishment available: exile outside the canyon, to be eaten by the plague. You'll be physically expelled in three days.

The Slant Milieu

You wanted to study the windmoldens. You'd harness the welkerwind to power towns and cities, to cure hunger in the Steadfast. You are a bit naïve, yes. Now you're trying to wriggle out of the blade scratching your neck.


You were tired of the lattimors. You built up the courage to denounce Gravish-Morel. And now you're beaten, in chains, rotting in a cell next to Tarae. Rasping, you mention the hidden artifact that can get you out. Clever, you. Sometimes.

Caecilian Jungle

"There are no known reports of anyone returning from a visit to the Caecilian", the wise people say. "Death, Destruction, Monsters, Madness", people call the forest. And still, we are going to try. We will try because, as you will see in a moment, we know of specific places in the jungle. Like the Wild Garden, mecca of the Sarracenians. Somebody, or something, went and came back to tell.

The Wild Garden

The Sarracenians lent you a lightflyer with which you managed to crash inside the electric walls. You can take the samples they asked for and try to get out. Or the plants can eat you and thrive. Try not to rub the underbrush.


You found a way to shrink yourself. You have a full day before you turn back to normal. You're before the 50cm tall gates of the city, and you hear an alarm. This is good, actually, you tell yourself. You've found the lost people.

The Malingering Valley

You got lost weeks ago. Your skin pales, and you've almost died about five times so far (toxic spurt, callerail, electric flowers, small poisonous mammal, large poisonous mammal). The exit is near. So is the Jiraskar.

Le Temple de Frogue

You were pretty sure that frogs did not, in fact, have huge boobs. But there you go.

Your friend Rorvic came here long ago, and you're here for him. All the angry anura filling the room don't seem to agree, though.

The Plains of Kataru

The Empty Machine

You spent years mapping the innards of the Empty Machine, and you finally discovered that the reason it seems to be empty is because you were not looking correctly. Using a phase corrector, you can clearly see the engineering.

The Ausren Woods, The Plains of Kataru, The Beyond

Late last night you entered the Colmin aldeia. Every adult was dead, purple roots growing from their bellies. The kids, after you manage to calm them, say there was a party in which the grown-ups ate some weird purple fruits.

The Orgorek

You bear the scars of the structure's tendrils, and they still burn and bubble, but you are content, you got up. You notice a small door in the tree trunk. It opens. There's light inside.

The Beanstalk

The tower and the land around it started shaking two days ago. The stalk trembles rhytmically in the sky. Something is coming.

Dessanedi, The Jagged Wastes

I think Dessanedi has a lot of interesting features for a place that, in the brochures, is just a desert of glass shards. Who would have said?

The Great Slab

"What if you had a huge synth/metal/organic box jutting out of the blue-green earth, dripping oil from its walls, with a deep gouge on top thriving with life?"

Good question. You've mutated thrice, but you've climbed it. What do you do now?

White Lake

Exploring Selascor Castle, you found an artifact that projects pictures of a Dessanedi-that-was, a sand desert teeming with life. Is this the truth, or invention? What will you do with it? And what about the five murden coming in?


Your tribe has cast you out. Your uncle found you installing an aug that helps you deal with your mutation, and he wasn't happy. You tried to talk to Vona, but she declined. The Great Mother, the Glass Wraith, the Life Weaver has forsaken you.

The Lambent Fields

You worked for years collecting the shimmering, iridescent dust and selling it to those with enough shins, until you heard of the boneyard. The idea of finding something that would help your mother walk again fills your dreams.


You ostensibly work for the Lambent Order, trying to find another Midomarian -that's how they labeled the mechanical three-headed creature.

Actually, what you want is a way to get to the "creature" and use it. You know how. You've always known.

Ba-Adenu Forest

You could find most everything in this forest, although perhaps not Elves. Probably.


Your father was actually, literally saved by the Falgreen, and the entity is now asking favors from you.

Specifically, they want you to kill people. The ten highest dignitaries in Ephremon.


You came a long way to pray in this holy place. Your prayers, or movements opened a trapdoor and you plummeted into a deep hole. You now sit in a huge chamber, and hundreds of eggs the size of a small kid surround you, bathed in green light.


You entered the seedship, routed the steel spiders and the travonis ul, and escaped with a few numenera. Now the ship doesn't work anymore. Druissi will be cold this winter. People are starting to realize. They want you to go back in.

The Untethered Legion

You've traveled from the Weal of Baz to find out what your siblings here are doing. The answer was "nothing good". Now they have imprisoned you, and are planning to download your memories and attack the Weal.

Errid Kaloum

There's not much known about the Errid Kaloum, except its salt. Coming from the neighboring Sere Marica, it covers most of the landscape except for the lush islands that pop here and there. Nice enough, but for the cult -or religion- of Lhauric, which you don't want to meet.


Ok, here's another thing about as bad as the cult of Lhauric: The Hthumos family and their terror-hounds. You were one of them, but their mind control broke. Now your sibling troops are hunting you for sport and pour encourager les autres.

The Divided Seas

The Divided Seas, or How To Make A Huge-Ass Eternal Osmotic Barrier: The Place. Sere Marica: salt water. Navae Marica: fresh water. How? The strait. They who control the Imoros Strait control the seas. Not unlike Troy.

Our Order of the Lady of the Salt Way

The Order of Truth sent you to infiltrate the order and find out how Halite Mother Gabra is still alive. You thought you fooled everyone, but the heavy knocks on your cell door and the screams contradict you.


They are Ormakal the Mind. They killed your father. They must die. But first you must make it past their regiment of hivers, and through the White Dome, Ormakal's gateless palace-prison. No pressure.


Looking for another impossible blade -you broke the first one, somehow- they 'ported you to a small shop in the Mark. They have it. Well, they have a blueprint. Well, they have Vestiai Lagim's Divedown that might take you to it.


You were a follower of Calabe: the city needs real tunnels soon. But she turned on you, declaring you a traitor. You shouldn't have approached Sal to get a safe-passage to the surface for your mother. Now everyone wants you dead.


Ah, Quaint Queslin of the cozy cottages near the sea! You survived the five years of saltfeeding, although your kidneys now hurt constantly and you look 40 years older. You got your nice beachside home. But you told. You shouldn't have told.

The Cromulus Ranks

They always said that the letter Aecs does not mark the spot. But here you are, in the middle of the Ranks. This is the spot your map marks. There's a huge Aecs mark here. You whistle the Song of Opening. It crumbles.


You've hated Tharimalles and the Challifani since you were a child. They took your mother, then your father. You endured. Now is the time for vengeance, and you have nothing to lose. Here they are, the gods, the brain. It screams at you.

The Weal of Baz

You were raised here by automatons. Automatons that are now suffering from a memory virus. You're their best hope for permanence.

GSCDC tells you "Odd. This wasn't supposed to happen". You detect a strange tone in their voice.

The Amorphous Fields

Traveling across this huge area where the land boils and churns, where one second you're stepping on dry earth and the next you're eyes deep into liquid sand, is not recommendable unless you have a trusty flyer, or you have a death wish.

The Twisted Spire

You don't know how, but you've reached the Spire. What remains of your eyesight marvels at the rhytmical pulsations of the flesh. The city of Ptolus welcomes you. You have everything to discover.


It's been weeks, but you can swing and climb like the best Vebaran. It paid off: you've discovered a platform inside the temple to Ourthalas that takes you to the deeps below Vebar. It's full of spiders.


Ahhh, Seshar, the marvelous -or lifeless- land of canals and deserts! Seshar could have been part of Matheunis, but isn't, because of the canals, and of Nebalich: Seshar was once its own kingdom, ruled from that city.

Guran: The City of the Missing

The roseshrubs that surround the Clave are dying, and the Sarracenians have asked you to find new cultivars and bring them so they can replace the aging plants. It will not be easy: they're a particularly rare breed.


You'd love to grow old in the city of dreams, but the Yellow Serpent group have it in for you since you exposed a few of their lieutenants and got them arrested. Noble deed, but it means that this knock on your door could be the last you hear.


Two days ago there was an earthquake that almost destroyed the village. Two days ago you used your powers to save the city. Today, you are a miracleworker. You must cure the ailing, avenge the offended. And some people are jealous. They want you out.

Matheunis, The Cold Desert


The whole city is shaking. Its ancient machinery is outputting, screaming, singing, printing, a single word: Skeliroth. If the city starts moving, it will mean the immediate death of thousands, and the eventual exhaustion of the churn.

Citadel of the Iron Saint

You found the castle three days ago. You entered it. You crossed to the citadel yesterday. You found three people hooked to a machine: one young and one old, two male, one female, one visitant, in a trance.

Foundation Stones

The Order of Truth has sent you to find out exactly how old the stones are. This is patently impossible, but they spared you the humiliation of formally exiling you.

But now you're interested. Perhaps...

The Southern Wall

You've heard of lands beyond the wall, with terrible boons and amazing monsters. You gathered all the numenera that could help you. You said your goodbyes, and now you face the ice cliffs. Every step is death, but you must know.

The Fields of Frozen Flowers

This experience is incomparable. Nothing in your travels through the Ninth World prepared you for this. After a moment of doubt, you pick one bloom: it melts immediately. You pick another. A hand comes out of the water.

Beyond the Beyond

We're out. Out of the Steadfast, out of the Beyond: Beyond the Beyond. Let's see what we can find out here, at the end of everything.

The Clock of Kala

First, we'll circle the Clock of Kala, where people, creatures and things are even weirder than normal. If we manage to pass the Sheer, that is.

The Sheer

You've always wondered why the ancients would build a gargantuan circular block of mountains, and cut through it a perfect passage. Time to find out. You built your flyer, you reach for the sky, and you see... You see it. Yes. Yes.


You want to see the land of Augur-Kala? You gotta pass through Norou. You can either pay Lord Abellor with money, or Iyene with info. What you got? What can you part with? Why do you think you can choose?


You approached the high tree of Wislayn for reprieve after the long walk through the Sheer. It melted, and completely covered you with violet goo. You thought you'd die when it got into your lungs, but no. You feel younger, lighter.


We're still out, out there, Beyond the Beyond, and today we'll look at Augur-Kala, where people live long, but don't really prosper.

Urzat Zarteri

One of the Narit Gresh managed to hit you, but somehow they didn't kill you. It's come close to you and seems to be expecting your orders, instead. One of its tendrils is flashing with purple light, faster and faster.

Sada Emidu

You don't speak the language. You never visited before. You know nothing of the land. And yet the Zealitor has called for you, specifically. You're watching the waters of the Indygel below, through a crystal floor, when his doors open.

The University of Doors

Welcome! Welcome all to the University of Doors, where you can find out anything you want to know*, if you have the keys. The Archivolt will see you in.

You found the first entrance a year ago, beneath the Unseen Lake. Better said, the gate found you: your boat capsized in an invisible storm, and you thought all was lost. It was, in a sense: you've never gone back home.

You solved the hints of the Archivolt, but you're not sure how. And you don't want to go back. Anyway, you found work in the High Thaumic Energy building, constructing a direct leeching tube to the datasphere.

Everything seemed to be working fine so far, but there was a snag: the leech became sentient, and now wants your job. And all the other jobs. And your flesh.

Turns out interfacing something you don't understand is risky. Interesting.

Other Villages, Settlements and Communities

This is it. These are the last of the locations in the #Numenera corebook chapters on setting. These are particular in that they aren't specifically anywhere. They're small cool places you can put wherever you need.


You came here looking for the map in the sculpture in the center of town. You know what the map points to. But you can't see it. "Fortunately" a beggar has offered her help. She's named Amaya Erandez, and she seems dependable, daggers and all.


The living greenwood walls of every building have started weeping, the Cosmicologists feel a deep, pervasive pain all around them. The sky has turned green, and the moon has vanished, but only in a circle of about 20km around the town. What is going on?

Dymath Fordye

Mayor Comenfor asked you to rid her of the animals living beneath her home. You went and tried. Turns out their blue smoke is corrosive, the stilts wore out, and the house came down hard, dragging you to the depths. Below the mud and earth there's a lab.


Argel convinced you to fight Malia Noke, and you won. Now she's sent visitants to kill you: two varjellen and one Lattimor. Some people just don't know how to lose. You'd just go, but you need to recover your notes from inside the purple stone pyramid.

Ismalov Castle

The Angulans sent you to kill lady Perrix. The Order of Truth sent you to access the complex below the castle. You should really stop playing both sides, but for now, you need to persuade her to tell you how, and then how to off her.

Songduel Ruins

The sounds from the water shaft are a song only you can hear. You fashioned diving equipment from odds and ends, and today you dove into the waters. A pink light is stronger the deeper you go. There are entrances, but you go on until... Now.


Gylley saw your equipment and asked you to fix their machine. You inspected it, and found a relation between the machine and the rift. Will you tell Ames what you found? Will you try to fix the rift?

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