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This is a collection of tweets, one for each creature in the Numenera corebook.


Click. Click Click. Weichalaf felt a soft clicking from the room above, progressively getting stronger. Click click. Click. The presence descended from the ceiling, clad in white, its huge claws scratching and tapping on the walls. CLICK.


We thought the Katarian herds would be peaceful beasts, like the ones back in Navarene. Not so. These have somehow learned some tactics to defend themselves from predators and domesticators, and are currently kicking our collective asses.

Blood Barm

It has been painful, but after 5 months of studying this flock, they have started to understand that you're not trying to harm them. They have suffered much through this drought, and their numbers are low. Will you help them, or stay apart?

Broken Hound

There are good boys, and there are broken hounds. Your flock of starved blood barms is being attacked by a pack of about 30 hounds. The nearby stream is dry, the grass is almost dead, the trees have almost given up. What will you do?

Caffa (adult)

"Join the goldgleam miners!", they said. "See the world!", they said. Turns out this involved seeing only this particular bit of the world, and getting hit and bit by giant butterflies. Pretty, though.

Caffa (larva)

It started with your pack animals. You found weird wounds on the bleating aneen. Then it spread to the seskii, Malout, and you saw red. Finally, you noticed the markings on the ground, and when you dug, there they were. Hundreds of cocoons.

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